Friday, March 12, 2010

Eastern Pioneers

My brothers, Cbomb and Calbomb, who dwell with me are from P-Lizzie(Port Elizabeth).

They do many things in life but if you peal all those layers away at the heart of things they are traders (see pic, Cbomb bought those lollies from Gatties in bulk for a bomb deal).

They are what one would call "Fashionistas". Standing for trending, hip, now people who are and know all things fash.

I am totally grateful to them for all they have taught me.
Their clothing line is the newest most bonty thing at the moment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From the Back office

Due to word on the street I have been confronted by my boss and accused of spending most of my time blogging. Right now I am mirroring this through “” in the back office.

I am currently working on Shoprite renovations which has allowed me the priviledge of hanging around the “shop of the people” a little more. The first time I realized that Shoprite was ahead of the game was when I was served by a lady who had one of the best moustaches I’ve ever seen (please see previous post). On my latest visit to Shoprite Goodwood I was really take back by how progressive they are. The car park is filled with car gaurds from the local area, “viva employment for the people”. What I enjoyed even more was how seriously these guys took car guarding. One guy was sporting a pair of camo pants which I thought was very appropriate (see pic). The same guy in the camo pants seemed to be the highest in rank because he was leading the guards in guard stuff. He issued instructions to the team on getting trolleys to cars and he used other general car guarding jargon which went over my head.

I would just like to apologise to all people from these areas north of Cape Town. I have judged everywhere north of Millys market according to the average shop owner at the market.There are some fascinating people out there, and quite friendly. Pic below shows one of the lower ranked guards giving me such a warm thumbs up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This man has been a deep well of inspiration for me. I draw out of this well every morning in front of the mirror but it only leads to shattering disappointment when I step outside into the 40kmph wind. How does one get their hair to be so perfectly poised in vertical chaotic beauty like his?

I have little doubt that his hair perfection is partially a result of inter racial breading throughout his family linage.

This does leave me slightly jealous of those with Koi San in their heritage.

My mate Trav (black hair in the middle) had the most beautiful head of hair, but he cut it off when he moved to Amsterdam because it was too much to carry around on a bike.

There is a special place reserved in the Fashion Police jail cell for those who sacrifice beauty at the altar of practicality.