Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Return of the Prodigal

I stumbled back onto this blog today, after months Sabbatical spend dabbling in the world of “Micro blogging”, to find I have double as many followers as I did when I was in my blogging prime. Just like the wealth that most artists come into after they die, or rather don’t come into, I now realise I’ve been at the point of street recognition yet I haven’t been making eye contact.

In the past few minutes of reflection I can see that this blog was built to close to the shore rather than on the rock of variety. Craig “The Boom” Johns told me in passing a while ago that my blog is only funny because it features him 90% of the time. Now that he has been away for a couple of months I realised my inspiration flowed out of his everyday life.

C-The-Boom (The Prodigal son) returned to the fathers estate disrespectfully late last night with the critical potjie ingredient which had caused a massive delay in the supper time.

There had already been banter between the older brothers on the unappreciative nature of guests towards their curry speciality which had caused older brother Webby to lose an estimated R7k on the book value of his new Corsa during the transportation process.

During the grumblings The Boom stated that the older brothers, who had been tending to the estate and The Booms interests all along, curry was “siff”. The language that followed has to this day never been heard above the railway tracks.

Brother Carib, who had recently received a traditional Sami (not a zonk but rather a type of person) knife from his goose which he had strapped around his bandwagon after earlier use into the side of a taxi who had cut him off, took out his knife and told the Boom that if he didn’t wash his mouth clean of the disrespect he would perform an operation which the Boom never received as a baby because his parents were neither Jewish nor had any care for his future hygiene maintenance. Carib reckoned it would be a 10% reduction, he has know the Boom since early childhood so I think it’s a pretty reliable stat.

Brother Webby showed The Boom a graphical illustration of the outcome with a piece of calamari:

This week I have been listening to Harbour Light, and eating at Harbour House.