Monday, May 10, 2010

Bloggers block

The truth is that my life isn't that bloggable. There are many people that think their lives are blogable, 98% of them are delusional.

I could speak of general peaks in my week like which of these chairs do I chose to buy as my new office chair?

My gut feel is dark but I love the gold carvings on the legs of the ligher one.

Or I could blog of the new shortcuts I learn in excel, or how I switched from Sasko to Low GI when I made my snackwhich last Thursday.

This stuff just isn't interesting.

But on Friday I arrived home to a full new pleather couch set, which was purchased for a lubriciously small amount of cash. And in that moment I realised that I am living with an Eastern Pioneer called the C-Bomb, and he has ideas worth following.

If he wrote a book called "10 ways to be the bomb" I'd definitely download the pdf off Piratebay.

Last week was his goose's birthday and he performed acts which are highly against the "guys that live together with other guys who have girlfriends who are constantly around" code. He wrapped teapots and put them in his goose's spare wheel; he painted numerous pictures and used a stencil to write a card; he made love song cds; and he sang a german love song which he translated out of his miniature antique German dictionary; and that was the night before the birthday. Because he is my friend I chose to turn a blind eye on the rest of his behaviour the next day.

Because I am not sure "10 ways to be the bomb" will every go to print I will publish my version of "C-Bombs guide to getting out of the desert of singledom" in my next blog.


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