Friday, December 25, 2009

The Recession is deep

With the end of the year festivities comes a time to reflect at what has passed;

There have been high highs: Me getting my first follower of this blog
There have been very low lows: I still only have one follower

Even during these tough times of economic crisis's we have pushed through with only minor hardships prevailing in our lives

One of them being making concessions in transport methods
This is Jackies mode of transport and those are Andrews legs

Food at work is another place I have taken to cheaper alternatives

I am looking forward with positivity and hope of what 2010 will do for our economy, and maybe I will be able to add some pink palony to the mix on certain days of the week.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


My brother Luke isn't just a 9 to 5er. He is a 8 to 5:30er.

He pioneered this "leather shoe without sock and rolled pants" look. Some would argue he stole it from Craig "the C-boom" Johns but others would simply point out that Luke was the first person to really pull it off.

this image was found on the Sartorialist within the last few hours- the look has hit the streets

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just when you thought my blog look was getting stale- I hit you with my new minimal, African, earthcote, earthy, woody, tokai forrest on a Sunday arvi look. Fashion is always changing, and I believe fashion to be a way of life- "the holistic approach". Therefore I try to keep my blog as trendy and good-looking as I am.

I will be embarking on a "fashion for the holiday season" campaign soon, so be expectant.

Teaser tip for Facebook summer: Pouting went out of fashion 2years ago. Don't do it- it was a ridiculous idea from the start. If you are in the photography lime light and you don't know what to do, pull the awkward embarrassed pose- it is very 'in' for the season

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Conny Village

Now with a Vida and Kauai

Millies Market

On Sunday we went to Millies market (please see lovewearsnoshoes for more pics)

Store owners, like Darryl on the right, bring everything that they don't want in their house to sell on the side of the N1

My secret Santa bought me a footspa for R20 (interesting fact: the footspa was officially rated in the top 10 most useless gifts 2008)

I must say I do love it

My house-mate told me that it is a waste of electricity

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Im bettling

Dear readers

Please relax, you are far too tense

Feng shui in blogs comes through of process of balancing and rebalancing

Finding the right font and background is tricky, black is in right now. Wrapping text around an excel sheet comes easy to me but I cant seem to get it to wrap around pictures.

Two things I feel I need to raise urgently:

1. It really grates my nipples when people use the word "peeps" in exchange for people. It is a ridiculous word, don't use it.

2. In a world where individuality is considered gold, why does everyone have a picture album called "good times" on their FaceBook?

Gary the homeless white man told me something very valuable this week. He said "You know old chum, in order to make money you must consider every cent valuable". I'm not too sure exactly what he meant, but I'm pretty sure it was wise because he has been collecting small change for many years.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

lunch time K&S

The Bunny Chow is brilliant invention which has not recieved the worthy acknowledgement it is due

To create a meal with such a superb balance is difficult to achieve

There is just enough white bread to make you compact before the chilli/curry kicks in and keeps you honest

Dear Mr Bunny Chow inventor
I salute you
So does my boss

things that inspire me part 1

This is what I feed my pythons

Luke calls it 5Xsmell because he reckons he is a comedian

I look forward to the day that I can wake up to an alarm rather than him playing the naked man metronome half a meter from my head

Thursday, November 26, 2009


As most people know, I am a man who has a keen eye for all things hip and fashionable. I use words like; 'trendy, now, artsy, hip, cool, totally random, must have, specials' in everyday speech.

My latest must have is a real heart wrencher for me even to talk about. I feel like the only guy in the world without a google.wave invite.

This "must have" is Chapel Clothing.
I want Chapel clothing items so badly that I brand my coffee with the Chapel sign (see picture).
It feels like the time I wanted a remote control toy car and my parents wouldn't get me one- so I would draw both the car and remote on paper and pretend; that was 2 years ago and Im over it now

The problem is Chapel is made for skinny white boys-
My beyonce full bodied bum just doesn't fit
Even the belts are made for size 24 waist
I've considered getting one to wear around my neck, but neck belts aren't very "now"

Dear Chapel
Please don't leave me at the altar
I love you

strapped in

Monday, November 23, 2009


This is really a worthy cause; growing a moustache to raise awareness for prostate cancer

I have only seen guys take this cause seriously until I went to Shoprite for lunch. This bird has grown possibly the 3rd best tash I've seen this month.

Although Im very pro womens lib.
as with everything there are boundaries

Im sure her boyfriend will buy her a flaming sambuca to celebrate the months end

Mike 'the two footed' Flatley

this is a picture of a perfectly configured and toned contemporary dancers body

with probably the most outrageous soggy bottom ever to reach the interweb

Look out for this figure on - Woodstock, so you think you can dance?


Today "todayiscolourful" told me that I look like a tree

Not sure if it was beautiful like a tree

or just like a tree

Thursday, November 19, 2009

strapped to the beast

I am now sharing a room with my brother Luke

This is a picture of him strapped to the beast doing his 7 till 10 CFA graft

2 nights ago he was about to go to bed and he realised he needed to do some quick internet banking transfers- so he grabbed my Mac and started operating (instantly). So I asked him why he doesnt rather do it on his HP, he answer to me was a beautiful song of defeat: "C'mon bru, if I had to fire up the beast now Id be up all night"

I slept nicely... until Cal woke me to chase after someone who tried to use Craig's Mac(through the window of his room) at 2:30am to check his Facebook.

black hole

This guy isnt the plumber

dont quit your day job

This is one of my projects as an employer of Kahts & Sparks. This is the pump attendants door of the BP station in Philippi.

Not sure what the pump attendant did to warrant a machine gun attack. Maybe he filled up with 97 instead of 95- people just need to chill I think.

Needless to say, we are putting in doors thicker than the doors to the reserve banks gold supply.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1st day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me, please knit me a Carling Black Label Jersey and I will be forever happy..

This is my response to my sister blog todayiscolourful's
"Summer Must Haves"

Cape Town gets chilling in the summer evenings

This is my summer must have

Monday, November 16, 2009

this and that

I always said to myself that the barcode is a waste of creative space

this bed has made me so ampted

a little on me

I tend to find blogs to be self indulgent boringness

so I will keep it as little about me as possible

this is me taking a run in my suberb of wwWoods

I like to run with my Grade 4 long jump medal because it reminds me of my athletics peak and how amazing it was to have the trophy for the year (shattered me when I had to return it). It mainly keeps me focused on the fact that I can do anything I put my mind too.

This is my brother the C-Bomber.

He lives in the cupboard downstairs. he has a salon, in the front of our house, in which he gives people a life-style

Lately he has been as transparent as a compost heap,

he is gone till late hours of the night,

and sings love songs on his guitar at obscure hours- not sure what this all means but he is a dam lekker guy

here are my brother and sister, Luke and Jen

they live next door to me

next time you see a rock, pick it up and through it against something- that is how solid and amazing they are

one day they hope to own a fridge that front end loads ice


I brought this corndog to work today

I think the 5XL might have something to do with it



According to the man on this poster:

"people try it, they like it, and they call for it again"

to test the truth of this statement I asked Letty from Smileys liquor store wwWoods Main Rd and she said "yes it is true". she has been in the industry for donkeys so I believe her

(please note that the the 'ww' before Woods is the wind blowing through the Woods, pronounced as it reads)

"HEY MABEL, get me that BLACKIE"

the peoples beer

Black Label beer is an multi award winning beer that has been brewed for decades. Yet is only served at skate parks and Stones pool bars. I once, in a proud and ignorant moment, asked for it at a golf club only to be laughed at an given a Windhoek. I look forward to the day when it is restored to its former glory.

Try one next time,

-put it in the freezer until its about to start freezing

-sit in your favourite chair

-and put on your favourite song

-then shout- "Mabel, bring me that Black Label"

you will at first be shattered by all the years of this incredible goodness that you've missed, then your shoulders will relax and you will begin to enjoy the ministry of Black Label beer.

NB. Invited friends over and repeat the process, its a beer of the people- not of the person.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's not how you start


I truly believed that as sure as the wind blows in the woods I would attain the blog name “black like me”
Low and behold there was a blackie that beat me too it
This is what his blog is about:

An inspiring read; he only has one entry which reads “hi” but still I feel uplifted- if he can climb the social ladder to such a height then I am going to put my foot stool away an aspire to greater heights

therefore I have resorted to “a blackie like me”