Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why the dreadies?

I have reached the stage that all bloggers dream about. Fame.

I now receive letters and pictures from fans everywhere. One letter I promised to publish is from my dear house lady Concillia:

Dear Blackie


I would like to say thanks on the interweb to brutha Carib. He protected my from a taxi driver who was trying to flirt with my by saying he was my husband and shouting at him. Nicely was very happy to heer how Carib and C-Booom look after my.

Its me Concillia


P.S. My new tv comes on Saturday, so I will be taking your bedside table home on Friday. I will just leave all you things you store on and in it on the floor. Thanks

Brother Carib is a revered force of justice in the Wood Stock district. Upon closer examination I have come to understand where a large deal of his strength lies. Like Samson, it’s in the dreadies.

The first time I suspected this was the secret was the time of Puff the magic Dragon wielding Albino man. When I arrived on the scene Carib had already battled his way around the dragon and had Alby imprisoned on the balcony. I was unaware of how he had single handedly won the battle inside but I was given a glimpse of his technique when Alby became restless and Carib unleashed the windmill. Most would say, that’s a school boy trick but here is where the secret weapon came in- the dreadies. As the windmill began the dreadies got caught up in a whirlwind force projecting them forward to lash the opponent wildly in the face and eyes rendering him helpless as the full force of the windmill deals the blows.

A few days ago Carib apprehended a man trying to steal our neighbours bike. I arrived home to this man cleaning the street and washing all the cars with no supervision. I only made sense of this when I saw the fear of the dreadies in his eyes. If you take a walk with Carib in Woodstock you will in all probability see grown men turn and run away at the site of the dreadies coming.

This is one of the reasons why I grow my hair.

Massive respect

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