Friday, December 25, 2009

The Recession is deep

With the end of the year festivities comes a time to reflect at what has passed;

There have been high highs: Me getting my first follower of this blog
There have been very low lows: I still only have one follower

Even during these tough times of economic crisis's we have pushed through with only minor hardships prevailing in our lives

One of them being making concessions in transport methods
This is Jackies mode of transport and those are Andrews legs

Food at work is another place I have taken to cheaper alternatives

I am looking forward with positivity and hope of what 2010 will do for our economy, and maybe I will be able to add some pink palony to the mix on certain days of the week.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


My brother Luke isn't just a 9 to 5er. He is a 8 to 5:30er.

He pioneered this "leather shoe without sock and rolled pants" look. Some would argue he stole it from Craig "the C-boom" Johns but others would simply point out that Luke was the first person to really pull it off.

this image was found on the Sartorialist within the last few hours- the look has hit the streets

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just when you thought my blog look was getting stale- I hit you with my new minimal, African, earthcote, earthy, woody, tokai forrest on a Sunday arvi look. Fashion is always changing, and I believe fashion to be a way of life- "the holistic approach". Therefore I try to keep my blog as trendy and good-looking as I am.

I will be embarking on a "fashion for the holiday season" campaign soon, so be expectant.

Teaser tip for Facebook summer: Pouting went out of fashion 2years ago. Don't do it- it was a ridiculous idea from the start. If you are in the photography lime light and you don't know what to do, pull the awkward embarrassed pose- it is very 'in' for the season

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Conny Village

Now with a Vida and Kauai

Millies Market

On Sunday we went to Millies market (please see lovewearsnoshoes for more pics)

Store owners, like Darryl on the right, bring everything that they don't want in their house to sell on the side of the N1

My secret Santa bought me a footspa for R20 (interesting fact: the footspa was officially rated in the top 10 most useless gifts 2008)

I must say I do love it

My house-mate told me that it is a waste of electricity

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Im bettling

Dear readers

Please relax, you are far too tense

Feng shui in blogs comes through of process of balancing and rebalancing

Finding the right font and background is tricky, black is in right now. Wrapping text around an excel sheet comes easy to me but I cant seem to get it to wrap around pictures.

Two things I feel I need to raise urgently:

1. It really grates my nipples when people use the word "peeps" in exchange for people. It is a ridiculous word, don't use it.

2. In a world where individuality is considered gold, why does everyone have a picture album called "good times" on their FaceBook?

Gary the homeless white man told me something very valuable this week. He said "You know old chum, in order to make money you must consider every cent valuable". I'm not too sure exactly what he meant, but I'm pretty sure it was wise because he has been collecting small change for many years.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

lunch time K&S

The Bunny Chow is brilliant invention which has not recieved the worthy acknowledgement it is due

To create a meal with such a superb balance is difficult to achieve

There is just enough white bread to make you compact before the chilli/curry kicks in and keeps you honest

Dear Mr Bunny Chow inventor
I salute you
So does my boss

things that inspire me part 1

This is what I feed my pythons

Luke calls it 5Xsmell because he reckons he is a comedian

I look forward to the day that I can wake up to an alarm rather than him playing the naked man metronome half a meter from my head