Thursday, November 26, 2009


As most people know, I am a man who has a keen eye for all things hip and fashionable. I use words like; 'trendy, now, artsy, hip, cool, totally random, must have, specials' in everyday speech.

My latest must have is a real heart wrencher for me even to talk about. I feel like the only guy in the world without a google.wave invite.

This "must have" is Chapel Clothing.
I want Chapel clothing items so badly that I brand my coffee with the Chapel sign (see picture).
It feels like the time I wanted a remote control toy car and my parents wouldn't get me one- so I would draw both the car and remote on paper and pretend; that was 2 years ago and Im over it now

The problem is Chapel is made for skinny white boys-
My beyonce full bodied bum just doesn't fit
Even the belts are made for size 24 waist
I've considered getting one to wear around my neck, but neck belts aren't very "now"

Dear Chapel
Please don't leave me at the altar
I love you

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