Monday, November 16, 2009

a little on me

I tend to find blogs to be self indulgent boringness

so I will keep it as little about me as possible

this is me taking a run in my suberb of wwWoods

I like to run with my Grade 4 long jump medal because it reminds me of my athletics peak and how amazing it was to have the trophy for the year (shattered me when I had to return it). It mainly keeps me focused on the fact that I can do anything I put my mind too.

This is my brother the C-Bomber.

He lives in the cupboard downstairs. he has a salon, in the front of our house, in which he gives people a life-style

Lately he has been as transparent as a compost heap,

he is gone till late hours of the night,

and sings love songs on his guitar at obscure hours- not sure what this all means but he is a dam lekker guy

here are my brother and sister, Luke and Jen

they live next door to me

next time you see a rock, pick it up and through it against something- that is how solid and amazing they are

one day they hope to own a fridge that front end loads ice

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