Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just when you thought my blog look was getting stale- I hit you with my new minimal, African, earthcote, earthy, woody, tokai forrest on a Sunday arvi look. Fashion is always changing, and I believe fashion to be a way of life- "the holistic approach". Therefore I try to keep my blog as trendy and good-looking as I am.

I will be embarking on a "fashion for the holiday season" campaign soon, so be expectant.

Teaser tip for Facebook summer: Pouting went out of fashion 2years ago. Don't do it- it was a ridiculous idea from the start. If you are in the photography lime light and you don't know what to do, pull the awkward embarrassed pose- it is very 'in' for the season


  1. The new colours are amazing Josh. Wow. You should design clothing or wine bottles or something.


  2. thanks trav

    sometimes I catch myself just staring at the design in awe, lovely moment