Thursday, December 3, 2009

Im bettling

Dear readers

Please relax, you are far too tense

Feng shui in blogs comes through of process of balancing and rebalancing

Finding the right font and background is tricky, black is in right now. Wrapping text around an excel sheet comes easy to me but I cant seem to get it to wrap around pictures.

Two things I feel I need to raise urgently:

1. It really grates my nipples when people use the word "peeps" in exchange for people. It is a ridiculous word, don't use it.

2. In a world where individuality is considered gold, why does everyone have a picture album called "good times" on their FaceBook?

Gary the homeless white man told me something very valuable this week. He said "You know old chum, in order to make money you must consider every cent valuable". I'm not too sure exactly what he meant, but I'm pretty sure it was wise because he has been collecting small change for many years.

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