Tuesday, February 16, 2010

by a creative for the creatives

Dear Followers (now at 3, but I think I am 1 of the 3)

After my study sabbatical I return to you feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to be more artsy than I've ever been.

After being submerged in economic theory for most of my awake hours the last two months I have emerged out of my cocoon, once a moth, now a beautiful butterfly. I have been expressing this new beauty mainly through dance, drawing, dress, song, and crayon.

I now understand why art students are required to do 1 day theory a week. Because this boredom and restriction creates greater creative beauty in their practical days. For example when I was studying I would get flashes of new dance moves that I would perform once I broke free. Sometimes I would start writing in different fonts at random. Restriction brings inspiration.

So if you are being restricted creatively now, do not lose heart. When the time comes for you to break loose, you will be more beautiful than ever before.

My friend Jenny once said that everyone has something to bring to the creative table. I think she might have got it from Dr Phil, but I'm not 100% sure. But it is so true.

Express yourselves today friends
be beautiful

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