Friday, February 26, 2010

Frikken awesome Boet

Evox will be pleased to know that I am back on the 5xl horse.

It has taken me for a ride this week, my stomach has rebelled for the 5th day in a row now.

Im almost certain that its nearly 100% organic, I have the double chocolate flavour and it tastes nearly completely like bark- so it must be organic.

Im pretty excited about the pending results.

I've been told I'm somewhere in between the second and the first guy (muscle size wise). So I'm hoping 5xl will push me into the upper bracket closer to the guy on the right. One benefit I foresee is that I won't need a belt for my short-shorts anymore because my thighs will hold them up.

My housemate Dominator is training my other housemate Craydle in the board room with weights and gym balls etc. There is a deep sense of urgency in these sessions because Craydles goose (Karnegee) has expressed in no uncertain terms that you are not a man unless you have the V.


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